Importance Of Indoor Air Quality

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What is "Indoor Air Quality"?

Indoor air quality (also called indoor environmental quality) is the measurement of how air affects a person's health, comfort, and ability to work. It can include temperature, mold from water damage, humidity, lack of outside air (poor ventiliation), or exposure to other chemicals.

Air Quality Factors


The Environmental Protection Agency states the air in our homes is 2 - 5 times and up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. That's not an easy statistic to wrap your head around, is it?

Here's why: In order to make modern homes 'efficient' for reasons like climate control, they are like a sealed plastic bag when all the windows and doors are closed. The more energy efficient a structure is, the less it can "breathe". As home construction continues to evolve, homes and buildings of today are made tighter and more nasty stuff is used in the construction of our homes and products we put in them (wood treatment, hardwood finishes, paint, furniture, etc). We also spend more time inside our homes these days as many people are working from home and then spend our leisure time at home in front of screens. It would certainly be ideal if Ohio temperatures allowed us to be comfortable with our windows open most of the year but that just isn't the case - we seem to go from bitterly cold winters to extreme heat in the summers.

Even if you're only home to sleep, that still adds up to a lot of time to be breathing poor quality air - so find out today what you can do to maintain healthy air in your home by having an expert from Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning perform an air quality assessment!


  • Volatile Organic Compounds - Volatile organic compounds (VOC's) include chemicals found in air fresheners, varnishes, paints, carpets, and a variety of other home products. These chemicals are released into the air in your home which can cause anything from nose and throat irritation to breathing problems, nervous system damage, and even cancer.
  • Bioaerosols - Mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria can exacerbate allergies and trigger respiratory illnesses. We can take steps to reduce mold spores that can also cause symptoms. It's most important, of course, to find the source of anything biological and eliminate it first, but when it comes to airborne germs such as colds and flu viruses, the less they circulate around your home the better. In a home without any type of bio filtering or purification, airborne biologicals are continually recirculated around your home. A professional solution will kill and capture these microbes, reducing the amount of harmful biologicals in your air so you can breathe easy.
  • Particulate - Many consumer cleaning products are made of harsh chemicals that can get into the air. In addition, pet dander, dust mites, and other pollutants can build up without proper housekeeping. Smoking in your home also causes serious indoor air pollution. Burning paraffin candles and incense can as well. Thankfully, odors can also be filtered effectively by mechanical means, and odor filtration can be enhanced with electronic solutions. Most people are not aware of odors in their own homes, but trust that the Extreme Team of Experts can be helpful in identifying them.
  • Carbon monoxide - Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and toxic gas. Because it is impossible to see, taste or smell the toxic fumes, CO can lead to serious negative consequences before you are aware it is in your home. The effects of CO exposure can vary greatly from person to person depending on age, overall health and the concentration and length of exposure. Carbon monoxide is a health threat. Fortunately, Extreme offers solutions that minimize your exposure to this gas.
  • Poor / Lack of Ventilation - Making a building airtight improves energy efficiency by eliminating drafts but can lead to higher levels of indoor air pollution. Proper ventilation takes the stale, polluted indoor air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air. Not only will a properly maintained system keep the air indoors fresh, but also it will decrease humidity and its own slew of problems associated with it.
  • Faulty Furnaces - If you furnace malfunctions or isn't properly maintained, carbon monoxide can increase to toxic levels. A poorly maintained furnace can fill your home with carbon, particulates, and in the worst-case scenarios could cause injury to your home or family. All it takes is an annual inspection and maintenance to ensure your furnace is happily humming along and giving your home the cleanest air possible.
  • Dirty Ductwork and Filters - Contaminants in your ducts and that clog up air filters can circulate throughout the system and your home. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommends cleaning your ducks every 3-4 years and having pets or lower quality air filters can lower than number to as low as 2 years. Extreme's IAQ Professionals can normally take care of this appointment in 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the home. Stop putting off your cleaning and call today!


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