Indoor Air Quality Services Clark County OH

Are you considering indoor air quality services in Clark County, Ohio?

Poor air quality can cause serious health issues. In fact, prolonged exposure to airborne pollutants can trigger Asthma, respiratory issues, or cause heart disease for those most vulnerable. For this reason, you should schedule a service call as quickly as possible.

In Clark County, Extreme Heating is the trusted company that can provide indoor air quality services that will quickly eliminate poor air quality for you.

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Clark County Ohio

Contact Extreme Heating. We are the experts in improving air quality throughout Clark County. Whether you live in Springfield, South Charleston, or New Carlisle, our professionals are at your service!

Fully trained with years of experience, our technicians are certified to work on HVAC systems in a house or commercial building. Our team ensures that each customer's HVAC system is functioning properly with good air quality. Quality service is our priority.

Extreme Heating Services You Can Count On

Our service professional will first do a thorough visual inspection of your building and an air quality test to identify issues. This test will look for mold spores, carbon monoxide, and other pollutants.

Indoor air pollution solutions will be developed in an action plan for you. Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs will also be completed to your satisfaction. This may include mold remediation and replacement of some components, such as air filters, to mediate any remaining indoor pollutants.

Once all concerns have been addressed, you'll notice an improvement in air quality. We should note that follow-up maintenance should also be conducted in the future. This will keep your HVAC system running smoothly and increase its lifespan.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for You and Your Family

Proper indoor air quality is essential to the health and safety of your family. We get that. Call today to schedule an inspection, and we'll provide you with a free quote to alleviate your health symptoms.

You'll breathe fresh air when all your indoor air pollutants have been removed.


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