HVAC Maintenance Kettering OH

Your HVAC system spends hours circulating cool or warm air through your house. As a result, your equipment can start to have dirt buildup, malfunctioning parts, or other issues. Regular HVAC Maintenance Kettering OH will help to catch and resolve these issues.

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These problems can lead to expensive heating and cooling system repairs if they aren't noticed and addressed right away. Poorly functioning HVAC equipment can also increase your energy bill since your HVAC equipment will have to work harder just to perform its regular tasks.

Extreme heating will run a thorough inspection of your heating and air conditioning units, as well as provide any necessary maintenance. Our team has been providing both businesses and homeowners in the Kettering OH area with fast, reliable HVAC services for years.

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HVAC System Maintenance in Kettering OH

The HVAC Services that we provide cover one-time and routine maintenance for your Kettering heating and AC system. Our HVAC experts will lengthen your HVAC equipment's life span and help lower the costs for your cooling services and heat services.

Here are some of the HVAC maintenance services we offer in Kettering OH:

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HVAC System Inspection in Kettering OH

Extreme Heating helps businesses and residents in Kettering OH spot potential HVAC system issues before they become huge problems.

Here are several of the HVAC Inspection services you have access to from our team.

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Set it and forget it with the X-Plan, our routine HVAC maintenance. We will service your HVAC before summer and before winter


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