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Keep your air conditioning and heating system running smoothly and efficiently with our professional HVAC maintenance services in Lebanon OH.

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Although your HVAC systems may continue to operate without maintenance or inspection for a while, it does not guarantee optimal efficiency or healthy indoor air quality. Dirt and debris accumulation over time can cause problems such as air conditioning system replacement costs. Moreover, this accumulation can be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can spread through the air released by your HVAC system.

At Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide comprehensive HVAC maintenance and inspection services to both residential and commercial properties in Lebanon, OH. Our expert team can assist you in reducing your energy expenses and improving your indoor air quality.

Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today to have your HVAC system inspected and maintained. Experience the benefits of a well-functioning and efficient heating and cooling system for your property.

HVAC Maintenance Services in Lebanon OH

At Extreme Heating and Air Conditioning, we are committed to providing Lebanon residents with top-quality HVAC maintenance services. Our team of experts is dedicated to keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. With routine maintenance, we can help prevent potential issues and prolong the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. Trust us to provide prompt and professional maintenance services to keep your system in optimal condition.

Our HVAC maintenance services in Lebanon OH include:

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HVAC Inspection Services in Lebanon OH

Minor problems can easily turn into large problems. Our HVAC inspectors will thoroughly check every part of your HVAC system to make sure everything is as it should be.

Here are some of the services you'll get when you contact Extreme Heating for an HVAC inspection:

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Set it and forget it with the X-Plan, our routine HVAC maintenance. We will service your HVAC before summer and before winter


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